Step 1:

Use this google dork to find Confluence Servers that are exposed to the internet inurl:http://confluence. login.action

Step 2:

Copy the list of urls to a file like this:


Step 3: Using nuclei run this command on the terminal to view the results

cat confluence-targets.txt | ./nuclei -t nuclei-templates/cves/2021/CVE-2021–26084.yaml

The short answer to that is Yes.

Here is an example:

var sum = 0;

function addThree() {
sum = sum + 3;


// Only change code below this line
function addFive(){
sum = sum +5

//var sum=8

// Only change code above this line



Without the use of the var keyword and hence being undefined, the variable sum inside functions addThree() and addFive() becomes a global variable meaning that once the value of sum changes inside the addThree() function it is also gets changed in the global variable which now becomes 3. The same is repeated after the function addFive()

Where you have 2 variables with the same name i.e in a global scope and another on in a function(local scope); Inside that function the local variable takes precedence.


var someVar = “Head”

function myFun(){
var someVar = “Hat”
return someVar


This code will print out “Hat” which is in the local scope

There’s usually a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the undefined variable so I am going to attempt to demystify it by sharing some knowledge around this.

When javascript values are undeclared they have an initial value of undefined e.g

var myVar; -has a value of undefined

If you do a mathematical operation on an undefined variable you will get a NaN i.e Not a Number

If you concatenate a string with an undefined variable you will get a literal string of undefined.

George Mwaura Karumbi

Cybersecurit Specialist/Software Engineer based in Nairobi Kenya.

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